to Classic Tube Amps, specializing in hand-crafted all-tube guitar amplifiers.

The parts shop is still under construction, but not for long. I have, however, posted a few articles in the tech section, including the first 3 installments in my "Amp Primer" series.

In the "Amps for sale" section you can see the new Plexi Jr. as well as the gallery of some of the builds I have done recently.

What's new

I have been very busy working on some prototype amps and building custom amps for people so I haven't added much to the site lately. In the coming months I will be announcing some exciting new offerings, including My new A30 ( with an EF86 and topboost channel), a really cool single ended EL34 based amp, and some new distributorships I am working on.

My Philosophy

Tube amps rule. Period. Since the dawn of rock and roll, it is the amplifier that is the primary ingredient in the tone of the player. Think of it this way : If you took a budget strat copy and played it through Jimi's rig, it would sound allot like his tone, but if you took his actual guitar and played it through a mass produced PCB tantalum cap cheap foreign transformer tube amp, it would not sound so good. I am not saying guitars don't matter, just that when you play through the right tube amp for you, there is a magic that happens that cannot be simulated with computer chips. Every guitar player should have an amp (or 2) that they love, that defines their sound and lets them concentrate on playing the guitar. I want to build you that amp.

I believe in being honest with people. I never write "we" or "us" on this site, because it is just me. I also will not make you a clone of any current production boutique amp, so don't ask. Dr. Z's amps are well built and affordable, buy one from him if that's what you want. Ditto for Mike Soldano, he's the man, support him if that's the kind of amp you want.

I don't know everything about guitar amps, but if I tell you I know something, then I know it. I should also warn you that I have never had a phone conversation with someone about building an amp that didn't result in a sale, not because I am a good salesman, but I think because my enthusiasm for vintage style amps sells people on the quality of my builds.

So, please drop me a line if you have any questions about an amp that you would like to have, or a repair or mod you would like to have done, I would love to hear from you.

Ryan Jones