Tube Amp Reviews

Whether you play an instrument, listen to music, or enjoy watching movies complete with surround-system experience, you should know that amps are a necessity. You might not even be aware of the quality difference until you actually hear the difference. At, we have pooled in our knowledge to thoroughly examine what the market has in store for us – and what product will work best for your needs.

Tube or valve amps, solid-state or transistor amps, and hybrid amps – they are all designed and optimized for specialized purposes. It doesn’t matter if you plan on using it for instrumentation or to power multi-speaker systems, they have a wide range of uses. But it can be an overwhelming experience to find the right amp, which is why we have put together our guides and reviews to help you find the amp with your name on it!

Everything You Need To Know About Tube Amps

Unlike solid-state amps, tube amps utilize vacuum tubes to amplify the signal power. This type of amp has been replaced by transistors but they are experiencing a comeback due to their polished, natural, and warm sound. Serious guitarists and audiophiles know what we are talking about.

Gold Tube Amps

The best sound of a tube amp is achieved when the tubes are saturated with sound, which is also the reason why this category of amps is also the loudest. DO NOT let that fool you though! Although it may seem fun to own a stack that can rip your ears off, that can also be a problem. Unless you plan on playing large gigs and stadiums or want to record a top-quality live sound, it is better to settle for a tube amp with fewer watts, somewhere between 40-50.

If you want that natural, responsive sound, opt for a tube amp. It may cost more dough than solid-state models but you will get the best sound on the market, no questions asked. Simply irreplaceable!